Larry Rostant and Millenium FX Ltd, The Core

The CoreLarry Rostant and Millennium FX Ltd for The Core by Peter V Brett (Harper Voyager)

About Larry Rostant:
“I’ve always loved making images. I used to do it with a paintbrush – now it’s with a camera. It used to be on my own – now it’s often as part of a team.”

About Millennium FX Ltd:
“We have created work for countless productions from major studio features including Saving Private Ryan, The Wolfman, Gravity and Frankenstein, and acclaimed television productions such as Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show and Critical, as well asiconic theatre, including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies and Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s The Phantom of the Opera.

“Our range of work has included prosthetic character make-ups, animatronic and creature effects work, speciality costumes and puppets, prosthetic medical and gore effects, consultation work, design and also industry training.”

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