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Legend Award

Morningstar Award

Ravenheart Award

The David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy 2016

The presentation ceremony for this year’s Gemmell Awards took place on Saturday 24th September as part of Fantasycon in Scarborough, UK.

The results

Ravenheart Award (best cover art)
Jason Chan for the cover of The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence (Harper Collins)

Morningstar Award (best debut)
Peter Newman, The Vagrant (Harper Collins)

Legend Award (best novel)
Mark Lawrence, The Liar’s Key (Harper Collins)

For the first time, one publisher swept the board.
This was a second win for both Jason Chan and Mark Lawrence, who took the Ravenheart and Legend trophies respectively in 2014.

* * * * *

We couldn’t have hoped for a better set of guest presenters at this year’s Gemmell Awards ceremony. Phil Lunt opened with a flawless, pitch-perfect reading from ‘Legend’. Ian Whates of Newcon Press, which has been so significant in helping to financially support the awards, tantalised the audience with the possibility of a third ‘Legends’ anthology. Andy Remic, presenting the Ravenheart Award, had everyone in stitches recounting how he corresponded with and subsequently met David Gemmell. Scott Lynch, the Morningstar presenter, spoke eloquently about the importance of supporting new writers; and Frances Hardinge, revealing the Legend Award winner, rounded-off the presenters’ speeches powerfully and succinctly. It was so nice to have participants who speak as articulately and evocatively as they write.

Peter Newman was on hand to accept his Morningstar Award, as was Harper Collins editor Natasha Bardon, who accepted on behalf of Jason Chan and Mark Lawrence. Both were received warmly.

We were honoured to have Dave’s daughter Kate Armstrong-Gemmell and her family in attendance, along with Tiffany Lau, daughter of Gemmell Awards’ principal founder, the sorely missed Deborah Miller. It was also a pleasure to welcome Lee Blair, the artist who creates our unique Ravenheart and Morningstar trophies. The awards are rarely without drama, and not always just because of the anticipation of who’s won. We began the ceremony without the Legend Award trophy, Snaga, created for us by Simon Fearnhamm of Raven Armoury. A frantic series of texts related how Simon and his crew were stuck in traffic, and then unable to find anywhere to park. (The availability of parking around the Scarborough venue was dire, which of course was beyond the Fantasycon organisers’ control.) Fortunately the axe arrived just as the ceremony came to an end and all was well.

It’s only because of the efforts of a number of people who willingly give their time that the Gemmell Awards are possible. We particularly want to thank Rachel Oakes for tech support, Jannie Vd Boogaard De Schrijverin for stewardship, and Sky Campbell, who fulfils the vital role of webmaster.

Our thanks are also due to Alex Davis, Del Lakin-Smith and the entire Fantasycon committee, not forgetting the tireless red coat volunteers; Luke Gemmell, Dominic Harman, our media partner SFX magazine, all the publishers, and the event’s official photographer Peter Coleborn.

The audience begins to arrive

Harper Collins editor Natasha Bardon accepts the Ravenheart Award for Jason Chan

Andy Remic presenting the Ravenheart Award

Peter Newman with the Morningstar trophy

Anne Nicholls presenting

Scott Lynch presents the Morningstar Award

Ian Drury, Mark Lawrence's agent, speaks after Mark's Legend Award win

Peter Newman and Scott Lynch

Natasha Bardon and Frances Hardinge with Snaga, the Legend Award trophy

Peter Coleborn, photographer