Legend Award

legendawardsnagaThis is Snaga, the trophy presented for the year’s best fantasy novel. A half-sized replica of the weapon wielded by Druss the Deathwalker in the works of David Gemmell, our Snaga is fashioned annually by Simon Fearnhamm of the Raven Armoury.







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Morningstar Award

Morningstar Trophy
The Morningstar Award is presented for the year’s best debut fantasy novel. Designed and made by Lee Blair, who also produces the Ravenheart trophy, it was introduced at our 2015 ceremony and replaced the previous crystal trophy.








Ravenheart Award

Ravenheart Award by Lee BlairThe Ravenheart Award is presented for the year’s best fantasy novel cover artwork. Specially created for us by artist Lee Blair, this depiction of David Gemmell’s character Druss superseded our previous crystal trophy, and was first presented at our 2014 ceremony.

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