Den Patrick

Den PatrickThe Boy Who Wept BloodDen Patrick, The Boy Who Wept Blood
Book 2 of the Erebus Sequence  (Gollancz)

Ten years have passed since the disappearance of Lucien, and his protégé, the young swordsman Dino, is struggling to live up to Lucien’s legacy. Sworn to protect the silent queen Anea as she struggles to bring a new democracy to Demesne, Dino finds himself drawn into a deadly game of political intrigue as the aristocratic families of Landfall conspire to protect their privilege. Always ready to prove himself as a swordsman, Dino is anguished to discover that in order to fulfil his vow he must become both spy and assassin.

And all the while the dark secret at the heart of Demesne is growing towards fulfilment.

Den Patrick was born in Dorset and shares a birthday with Bram Stoker.  He lives and works in London, dividing his time between reading books and writing them.

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