Edward Cox

Edward CoxThe Cathedral of Known ThingsEdward Cox, The Cathedral of Known Things
The Relic Guild, Book 2  (Gollancz)

Divided, hunted and short on resources, the surviving members of the Relic Guild are in real trouble.  Their old enemy the Genii and their resurrected master have infiltrated Labrys Town and taken over the city.

So the Relic Guild must flee their home on a dangerous journey across the worlds of the Aelfir.  One that will lead them to a weapon that might destroy the Genii.  Or the whole universe.

And forty years before all this, the war which led to the fall of the Genii continues.  And what happened to the Relic Guild then will change the course of their desperate future fight.

Edward Cox has lectured in creative writing at the University of Bedfordshire, where he also studied in the same subject.  He currently lives in the English countryside, where his wife and daughter defend him from the daily attacks of giant spiders. When he’s not sleeping or eating, he likes to pretend to be a ghost, but has, as yet, failed to convince anyone. His favourite pastimes include reading, punching clocks, and dining out on winning the 1987 national roly-poly championship.

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