MD Lachlan

MD LachlanValkyrie's SongMD Lachlan, Valkyrie’s Song  (Gollancz)

Norman England, and the Harrowing of the North.

An immortal wolf and an immortal woman are on the run, fighting for their lives.  They carry magic within them, runes, which flare with power when brought together.

But others hold magic of their own, and the runes desire to be united.

And when they are, Ragnarok will come.

MD Lachlan is the pseudonym of Mark Barrowcliffe, born in 1964, who also uses the pen name Mark Alder.  He was born in Coventry and felt that, as he was growing up, he kept his distance from girls and “cool kids”, and turned his attention to Dungeons & Dragons.  His experiences as a child are detailed in his book The Elfish Gene.

After graduating from the University of Sussex, he worked as a journalist before penning his first novel, Girlfriend 44.  He then made a name for himself writing “lad lit”.  He currently lives and writes in Brighton and South Cambridgeshire.

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