Snorri Kristjansson

Snorri KristjanssonPath of GodsSnorri Kristjansson, Path of Gods
The Valhalla Saga, Book 3  (Jo Fletcher Books)

In the far north, evil is stirring.

In the south of Sweden, Adun and Ulfar are joining forces with Sigurd, Sven and King Jolawer Scot, to go in search of Sweyn Forkbeard.  Though they convince the King of the Danes that truce and union is the way forward, they soon discover that safety doesn’t always lie in numbers.

Meanwhile, King Olav Tryggvason is struggling to keep the peace.  He’s won the battle against Hakon Jarl, but his men are bored, his food is running out and the local chieftains are descending upon his new home, intent on making his life miserable – and short.  When faith comes up against family, something has to give.

But evil is all around: it comes on the wind, sweeping down from the cold places.  It drives animals mad with fear.  It draws black souls to its centre.  It warps and it twists, and in its frosty footsteps lies the promise of a thrice-long winter … and Ragnarok.

Sooner or later, all men must choose their path.

Snorri Kristjansson was born in Iceland and is a writer and a teacher, with a background in acting, music and stand-up comedy.  Path of Gods is the final part of his Valhalla trilogy.

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