Andy Remic

Twilight of the Dragons by Andy RemicAndy Remic, Twilight of the Dragons
The Blood Dragon Empire #2 (Angry Robot)

During a recent dwarf civil-war deep under the Karamakkos Mountains, the magick-enslaved dragonlords have broken free from centuries of imprisonment and slaughtered tens of thousands throughout the Five Havens before exploding from the mountain and heading in fire and vengeance for the lands of Vagandrak.

Two once-noble war heroes of Vagandrak – Dakeroth and his wife Jonti Tal, an archer and scholar, the Axeman, the White Witch and a Kaalesh combat expert find themselves in a unique position: for they have discovered the ancient dragon city of Wyrmblood, and a thousand unhatched dragon eggs.

Dakeroth and his companions must work with their enemies, Skalg and the Church of Hate, in order to bring down the dragonlords and save the world of men and dwarves. But there is no bartering with these ancient dragons; for they seek to hatch their eggs and rebuild the cruel Wyrmblood Empire of legend.


About Andy Remic:

Andy Remic is the author of quite a few fantasy and SF novels, currently: Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, SIM, Serial Killers Incorporated, Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers, Vampire Warlords, Cloneworld, Theme Planet, Toxicity and the anthology, The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. His latest works are The Iron Wolves and The White Towers, along with The Dragon Engine and Twilight of the Dragons, all published by Angry Robot Books. He’s also got three novellas out, published by TOR US:  A Song for No Man’s Land, Return of Souls and The Iron Beast.

Remic is a hard-talking, hard-fighting fluffy bunny rabbit of a man, who enjoys mountain biking, film making, mountain climbing, kick boxing and red hot chilli peppers! He has an unhealthy love of chainsaws, and some people like his books.

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