Brian G. Murray

Forgotten Hero by Brian G. MurrayBrian G Murray, Forgotten Hero
The Chronicles of Death #1 (Burning Willow Press)

At a place once called Rhamagabora, evil’s champion turned on his master and defeated him. Two thousand years have passed and that fateful day has vanished from the pages of history. Most have forgotten, but for generations, an evil few have followed the Path and kept the lore alive. Keeping to the shadows, they plot to fulfill an ancient prophecy and resurrect their master to once again plunge the world into darkness. The fate of everyone rests in the skills and friendship of Dax the Axeman, Thade the former gladiator, Gammel the blacksmith, Tanas the Blademaster, Gan-Goran the Magik-Master, and Zane, the young heir to the Rhaurien throne. But one amongst them has a dire secret. One was evil’s champion. He is Death, the ultimate killer and in the dark hours to come which side will he choose? Who is Death?


About Brian G Murray:

“By day I am a finance director, but at night I transform into a husband, father, writer and geek. I live in Jersey (the island in the English Channel) with my wife, two children and my Man-Cave is full of books, lots and lots of comics and associated paraphernalia.

I write mainly heroic fantasy stories, but like to delve into my darker side and dabble in the horror genre. I have an anthology published through Dark Oak Media Press called “Siege Warriors” and the first part of the Chronicles of Death trilogy, “Forgotten Hero” with Burning Willow Press. The other two parts of the Chronicles of Death have been contracted and part two Dark Times will be released at the end of 2017.”

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