Glenda Larke

The Fall of the Dagger by Glenda LarkeGlenda Larke, The Fall of the Dagger
The Forsaken Lands #3 (Orbit)

Excommunicated cleric Saker returns from exile in the Spice Islands to find his homeland in chaos.

A dark sorcerer controls the ear of the King, turning him against his own son and heir, while a corrupted army gathers in the shadows.
With the illusionist Sorrel and islander Ardhi, armed with magic from Ardhi’s homeland, Saker now must stand between his city and the corruption that threatens to cripple it before it is too late…


About Glenda Larke:

“I started off in Australia, a farmer’s daughter, but as an adult I lived in North Africa and Europe and South-east Asia, only to return recently to my birthplace. I’ve been a teacher and a naturalist and, most of all, a writer of fantasy novels. You know – magic and adventure and the weird, books flavored by my life experiences. A sweaty bit of the tropics, an arid taste of the desert, a ancient touch of central Europe; crowded cities and dense forests and sun-baked islands. World building is my forte, storytelling my great love.

I have thirteen books published, in several languages, available in different formats. They have been shortlisted for numerous awards, and have won several, including the inaugural Sara Douglass Series Award, won by the Stormlord Trilogy.”

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