Ian Graham

The Path of the Hawk by Ian GrahamIan Graham, The Path of the Hawk

The Path of The Hawk #1 (Orbit)

The Hawks are the Pilgrim Church’s elite regiment, soldiers entrusted with missions far beyond the scope of the conventional army.

Blessed Master Helligraine – one of the Church’s highest ranking, most beloved holy men – was abducted one year ago, his corpse found rotting in a river. When evidence emerges that Helligraine is still alive and being held against his will, three Hawks are dispatched to bring him home.

But Helligraine’s past – and present – is not what it seems, and two nations are drawn into a conflict whose seeds were sown millennia ago.


About Ian Graham:

Ian Graham is a fantasy author living in the north of England. When not writing, he is usually playing folk guitar (badly) or long-distance running (slowly).

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