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The High King's Vengeance by Steven PooreSteven Poore, The High King’s Vengeance
Malessar’s Curse #2 (Kristell Ink)

“I am the Heir to the North.” Malessar’s Curse is broken, the wards around Caenthell destroyed. The Warlock himself lies, exhausted and gravely wounded, in the rubble of his own house. And while the dire spirits trapped behind the wards for centuries are unleashed into the world once more, Cassia is confined to a cell deep in Galliarca’s grand palace. Yet Caenthell calls to her, and Cassia must answer. As Heir to the North, the throne and the power behind it belong to her. But the twisted hunger of Caenthell’s spirits appals her and Cassia vows to do everything she can to defeat them. Now, Cassia must convince both Galliarca and Hellea that they have to stand against the resurrected High King of Caenthell. She must raise an army from nothing, make uncertain alliances with princes and dragons, and fight her way into the heart of the North. And, if she is lucky, someone may live to tell her tale. “Fear Me.”


About Steven Poore:

Steven Poore
is an Epic Fantasist and SF Socialist. He lives in Sheffield with a crafty partner and a three-legged cat, and cannot move for towers of books. Heir To The North, published by Grimbold Books, was shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the British Fantasy Awards this year; the sequel, High King’s Vengeance, is also available. You can also read some of Steven’s short fiction in the Fox Pockets series of anthologies by Fox Spirit Books. Steven hosts the semi-regular SFSF Social events in Sheffield, supported by the BSFA and BFS. Follow him on Twitter: @stevenjpoore& @SFSFSocial

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