Lucy Hounsom, Firestorm

FirestormFirestorm, Lucy Hounsom
Book 3 of the Worldmaker Trilogy (Pan MacMillan)

To protect her future, she must defend her past

Kyndra has finally mastered her cold Starborn powers – but is it too late? A faction of assassins, who can manipulate time, plan to rewrite the history of Acre. These Khronostians will ensure the Sartyan Empire was never founded. And in this new narrative, Kyndra is never even born.

With her ally Char, and the rogue Khronostian Ma, Kyndra resolves to enlist the help of the dragons, banished long ago. They must find them first, but together they could generate a huge amount of power. It could propel Kyndra far back in time, to avert the ending of an era. However, Kyndra will be heading towards a terrible confrontation – one that has shaped and will shape the future of her world.

About Lucy Hounsom:

Lucy Hounsom is the author of ‘The Worldmaker Trilogy’, the first book of which, Starborn, was shortlisted for the David Gemmell Morningstar Award for best fantasy debut in 2016. She has a BA (Hons) in English & Creative Writing from the University of London and went on to complete the MA in Creative Writing in 2010. She currently works as a bookseller for Waterstones and co-hosts the SFF podcast, Breaking the Glass Slipper, which discusses women in speculative fiction. She lives by the sea in Devon with two cats, a piano and a bedroom full of stories.

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