Legend Award – 2016

legendawardsnagaLegend Award

The Legend Award, named after David Gemmell’s first and most popular novel, is presented to the fantasy title judged the year’s best by open vote.

The trophy, pictured here, is a scale model of Snaga, the axe wielded by Gemmell’s iconic hero Druss, and is created specially each year by Simon Fearnhamm of Raven Armoury.

Voting on 2016’s Legend longlist opens at midday on Friday 13th May and closes at midnight on Friday 24th June.

Voting on the shortlist opens at midday on Friday 8th July and closes at midnight on Friday 19th August.

The presentation takes place at 8pm on Saturday 24th September at Fantasycon in Scarborough.


Joe Abercrombie, Half A War  (Harper/Voyager)

Bradley Beaulieu, Twelve Kings  (Gollancz)

Peter V. Brett, The Skull Throne  (Harper/Voyager)

Terry Brooks, The Darkling Child  (Orbit)

Jim Butcher, The Aeronaut’s Windlass  (Orbit)

Miles Cameron, The Dread Wyrm  (Gollancz)

Trudi Canavan, Angel of Storms (Orbit)

Larry Correia, Son of the Black Sword  (Baen)

Edward Cox, The Cathedral of Known Things  (Gollancz)

David Dalglish, Skyborn  (Orbit)

Stephen Deas, The Silver Kings  (Gollancz)

Aliette de Bodard, The House of Shattered Wings  (Gollancz)

Sebastien de CastellKnight’s Shadow  (Jo Fletcher Books)

Kate Elliott, Black Wolves  (Orbit)

David Guymer, Gotrek & Felix: Slayer (Black Library)

John Gwynne, Ruin  (Pan Macmillan)

David HairAscendant’s Rite  (Jo Fletcher Books)

Joanne Hall, Spark and Carousel  (Kristell Ink)

Markus Heitz, Devastating Hate  (Jo Fletcher Books)

Robin Hobb, Fool’s Quest  (Harper/Voyager)

John Hornor Jacobs, Foreign Devils  (Gollancz)

NK Jemisin, The Fifth Season  (Orbit)

Drew Karpyshyn, Chaos Unleashed  (Del Rey)

Julia Knight, Swords and Scoundrels  (Orbit)

Snorri KristjanssonPath of Gods  (Jo Fletcher Books)

M.D. Lachlan, Valkyrie’s Song  (Gollancz)

Glenda Larke, The Dagger’s Path  (Orbit)

Mark Lawrence, The Liar’s Key  (Harper/Voyager)

Rebecca Levene, The Hunter’s Kind  (Hodder & Stoughton)

Tom Lloyd, Old Man’s Ghosts  (Gollancz)

Alex Marshall, A Crown For Cold Silver  (Orbit)

Gail Z. Martin, War of Shadows  (Orbit)

Brian McClellan, The Autumn Republic(Orbit)

Naomi Novik, Uprooted  (Pan Macmillan)

Den Patrick, The Boy Who Wept Blood  (Gollancz)

Daniel Polansky, Those Above  (Hodder & Stoughton)

Steven Poore, The Heir to the North  (Kristell Ink)

Anthony Ryan, Queen of Fire  (Orbit)

Brandon Sanderson, Shadows of Self  (Gollancz)

Anna Sheehan, Spinning Thorns  (Gollancz)

Brian Staveley, The Providence of Fire  (Pan Macmillan)

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Guns of the Dawn  (Pan Macmillan)

Ian Tregillis, The Mechanical  (Orbit)

Angus Watson, Reign of Iron (Orbit)

David Weber, The Sword of the South  (Baen)

Django Wexler, The Price of Valour  (Del Rey)

Jen Williams, The Iron Ghost  (Headline)

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